hvat is adobe?

adobe is a multi media consept, that dont just take care of one specific task. we need to renember that it is also a multimedia software platform. A multi media software platform can make game, apps. When people play a game you made they use Flash player. the flash player is like the frame the software run inside.The flash player is more like the user interface. AIR is the developer toll.

A flash game is made up of vectors, these are smal peice of graphic, that lives on smal layer inside flash cs5. the flash player will run a game like any other game couse it knows the logic of the game you just made in cs5. it also know what order graphical fragment shal popup in, when you press space.

This is a flash vector markedplace that can be usefull for developers of games videos, etc. the more you use it the better it will be. prices are cheap

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