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3D in adobe flash 2016

Flashmarkedplace is a activity that create sceene set for producers. i,m trying to climb the many barrier producers in cs flash meet. yes some people also ponts out that flash is outdated. weel every singel programe in the world is out dated, if you don,t use plugings. Buying flash software is like buying a house with no inventory. You simply go and buy your own stuff some where. We are going to test out a 3d pluggin for flash cc.

As it loock like for me, you dont actually create the 3d model there, we just rig the cool scene there and have all the fun there. an we leave the dirty job to programs like blender.Flash cs is a unike creating your movie tool. but we simply need other program.

FreeSpin3D (CRAP)

this is a pluggin that add 3d engine to to flash. the 3d object need the feature motion tween. the object can only move along with time line. The bad news it,s nulled, the server are down. any key you prees will be grownded. you can of couse try to extend o pen the trail period ond you own

i don,t recomand doing it, if you have not bougt it in 2011. and you have documentation that you are an owner of such copy, for private use.

WE got papervision as free open source, and it has some suport. (GOOD)

It will take you a few week to get into it, Loock like most aspects are weel explained, in every detail. Go here read

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