adobe familly three

what is ActionScript 3.0

action script simply let one build apps. you add  actions to a frame. you need adding som code. you simply apply actions to symbols. ymbols can be buttoms

the action script  codes are integrated in adobe flash cs 6. you can pic the code from a list .action script is evolving all time. as time goes you will be able to do cooler stuff.

adobe familly three
adobe familly three

adobe is a big family that goes in many directions. fla is just smal part of it. Action script is object oriented, atleast as 3.0. When we use action script 3.0 we are accesing the propertys of the objects inside the flash cs6.

as you see there are actually differance between objects and drawing. objects in flash are made for being atached to a movie clip. this is the feature that makes us able to use action script.


AC3 is so simple as a programming language for Adobe Flash. it simply get the job done for Flex or MXML.

in AS3 we use a command line compiler. a compiler is like an adapter,from ActionScript code to machine language. in other word c. Bye the way c can be braked down to assembly lang,and it it uses like an other compiller.

we need to learn some of it,s basic syntax.

There is no point in learning any thing than the most basic for this article. flashmarkedplace is working on a 3d stage set . So the main goal is to learn you to setup a 3d stage. Learning litle by litle works for me.

some of the most important thing to learn

  • AS3 is case sensitive :example gotoAndPlay is a valid movie clip commabd, but gotoandplay is trash.
  • AS3 has like variables, learning why AS3 has variables, is thumbs up

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