string variable example

string in action script

Lets say string is for saving character. values of text letter see more . renember values are kind of property of variables. but these are text related variable.

think about a magican who just pic a card from the air. how did the card come there. the string variable just spitted it out. maybe like some other places. Maybe there was a string variable who sent out the Matrix agents anderson when he was cloned.

Im going to show one thing you can do with string.

A litle info before we start we need to create a layer, add some text called static .we add it to the scene where we draw ok. than we go to property give it a value like static text. But if we want some thing to happen. we need to turn the static text into a movie clip symbol. call it textsim_mc. after you done run it as movie. and bye the way use angel bracket on the orange character, not normal bracket.they are like the body border of the code. my keyboard is very old. make a new layer called action script. keep in mind that this is a static fuction, and not dynamic.

function wright (who:string):void

(trace (”hello,”  +who+’‘ can you fly”);)

wright (”bobby”);

wright (”superman”);

i,ts really funny how name of code relate to it,s name. what it,s doing an all that. void= a code who avoid something to comunicating with the software, so it,s avoiding bugs. think of codes as paths.





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