why AS3 has variables

Some basic about AS3 variable

Part 1

Actionscript 3 uses variables to keep track of values, this is so your program reneber where i,ts data are stored. this so your computer can get it when it,s requested.

So the question is, what information is stored by variable. the answear is’. Lets say you sign up to a site. you really need to give your age. yuor 21 an thats the (age number) and the value to the myageis variabe.

where are the data variables stored in the microcontroller.

they are stored as data, inside variables called myageis. 21 is the data. the data of that variable is the value the same variable. These are container


se Better guide really

Type of data

the data we talk about earlyer was numbers.

String is more like getting your hand dirty wit flash toll. the string class is a data type. Lets say a a data type contains sub ellement read more





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