Making casino Multiplayer game envoriment in Java eclipse for android app

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This is a part of a toturial that shows you how to make java game

Whats my Moto

learn more about older development system that are more familliar to flash, A3 3 in the way you set it up in your computer devlopment interface, all that stuff.

So this is just for understanding more how you can make it possible to create great java 8 apps whit some flash plugin some few tricks ect

If you like to start as a developer right now.  Follow these simple steps. we are going to focus on eclipse IDE. It work very bad for xp as i know. dont use it. use win 7 .

We are going to make a game in java with eclipse IDE . you need to find out what you are going to make, what platform it should run on.

So you need an eclipse neo

.Bilderesultat for eclipse IDE plugins android


Therefore, this part will be on  how to set up the environment for starting on eclipse. and later flash. Using win  xp willl hedeek. You can in fact use any libray for java like libgdx. it also suport flash. and we will in later toturial create some insane Crazy Luney Tunez Casino Apps. AppWarp will bring cool api feture into the java or the flash platform.
We’ll just make it easy. This Part I’ll only show you the very basic, within java game programming and design. Do you like this Part, and it helped you. Plz give me a comment so i can create more toturials. I will try my best and make it easy to understandable.

A  brief summary  of part 2

  • Menu systems
  • Read and write files for game to game save and play Load
    Music and Sound and player custimization


  • upgrade
    Power up collision detection java

We love Java therefore we want to use it. Google hate it . we will develop android game apps in eclips

Here is a famous lightweight game from java libray, known as mindcraft. Just for illustration. That it’s built in Java,whoooo….. I’ll show you system requirment under.


Minimum Requirements:

CPU: Intel Pentium D or AMD Athlon 64 (K8) 2.6 GHz
GPU (Integrated): Intel HD Graphics or AMD (formerly ATI) Radeon HD Graphics with OpenGL 2.1
GPU (Discrete): Nvidia GeForce 9600 GT or AMD Radeon HD 2400 with OpenGL 3.1
HDD: At least 200MB for Game Core and Other Files
Java 6 Release 45

Mindcraft uses Java 6 in 2016

Here is a toturial from youtube of a game called wave. Thanks to RealTutsGML from youtube. Plus me in collaboration with a java student. To together we made it possible to make this , from help of his toturial


In the video you will find a game called wave, and it’s such a game we will take as an illusion moment

Playing Wave is created inside a box, not in a html document. This is a significant difference. Know too little and go into detail. But I have seen all the videione. And I will prove and divide it into understandable pieces.

Detail about what we will do in part 2

We will upgrade the player, that is, if the player has a certain amount of score, the player can upgrade the health and speed the one in which he moves. This is what we will see in terms of screen shots.
What we need


  • Menu systems
    Read and write files for game to game save and play Load
    Music and Sound and player custimization system
  • upgrade
    Power up collision detection java
    Android Studio does not support java 8, saying you need a version that is older
  • AppWarp
  • LibGDX eclipse
  • JDK in java is an abbreviation for Java Development kit . on win 7 later You cant use Oracle Run Time envoriment 8 on xp because xp is not upadted
  • ADT Eclipse . Get it at the  get an account there download marked place 2 than eclipse ADT android development tool.
    Eclipse or Adroid Studio 2 different platforms read more
  • Consider choose Eclipse for java and not Adroid Studio. As you can set up LibGDX libray in. An ECLIPSE gets boycotted by googe because it’s a plugin they refuse and update because Android most likely has become LibGDX This is a library that works badly with xp 32 bit, i’m testing it on windows 
  • the biggest App engine. Sa Eclipse is incompatible with android.
  • you need android plugin eclipse


We need to setup Android SDK and install it as a plugg in in the workspace



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