greek tempel ruin

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greek tempel ruin made in flash proffesional cs6. These are modules. The drawing are is made up by many building blocks called vectors.

This is is a sceene that is really customizable. Perfect for time travel sceenes. The vectors the image are made up by can be hard to change, due they dont have any adges. The vectors i,m talking about , are pure  bitmap files.

Such file can be imported to your library on your proffecional flash cs5. these are 2d. But they still all you need for making it to 3d in illustrator.

This is part of the ruin section, they include pyramides, stonehange. the vectors can be trancfered into game maker as images. you simply just remove the background, real simple. I like the cs6 proffecional, only for its movie making infrastructure.

flashmarketplace may be the infrastructure you need for low time budget films.

the image of the tempel has no function, exept as bacground image that you can change,by playing with the module. The module vectors are placed in groups. this is a perfect cartoon movie set for even travel guides or illustrations about greece.

there will come more building blocks, if it get popular. therefore never watch tv series that all peole love. and bye the way if you are a flash artist spread the word. so i can hire freelancers. couse making all this alone is hard work really. spread the word this is a cartoon library for all lazy producers of cartoon show. and don,t spread the word on to many forums


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